Celebration of Ethiopian Christmas

From Abi, our Project Manager "We celebrated Ethiopian Christmas in Saturday January 7, 2017 with all the children. The celebration was so colorful and all children were happy and enjoyed the Christmas. As always, children present their hand-fruit talents for the attendants of the ceremony; take a look some reflections of the day."

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This year, why not give the best gift to all – coffee for 300 members of our community! At a cost of 50 euro, this gift will bring neighbours together to discuss important issues affecting the community and give our youth workers an opportunity to reach out to the guardians of the most vulnerable children in our community.


Something to Consider this Christmas

This is a very beautiful quote and something to keep in mind this year when doing your Christmas shopping. You don’t have to go to Ethiopia or dedicate your life to helping people in need. Small actions you take can make a HUGE difference! Perhaps this year you could choose to make a donation on behalf of someone you love who may not need any material gifts? We will send you a lovely print out that you can give to them, explaining Youth Release and the work they have now supported. Every single euro donated to Youth Release goes directly to the community we support in Dire Dawa Ethiopia


Volunteer Programme 2016

Returning to Ethiopia is always like coming home, people always look at me with wide eyes, how could this Irish girl feel at home in a place like Ethiopia. After eight years of Youth Release and travelling back and forth, we have become abasha and are no longer labelled Ferenji . Bringing volunteers to Ethiopia is always an exciting time but we never know how things will go until we end up in Dire Dawa. This years group was a small group of eight, mostly hailing from Kilkenny and a couple to represent the Deise. We spent two and a half weeks running a summer camp for the children. There were English classes in the morning and sports in the afternoon. All of the volunteers were absolutely amazing and gave the trip 110%, formed long lasting relationships with the community and the children. We hope they will all return to Gende Tesfa again. Thank you Clare, Mama Kathleen, Rony, Eoin, Catarina, Gamma, and Shelly for all of your hard work while in Dire Dawa. Thank you to everyone who donated to each and every fundraiser, through these donations we have raised half of the funds to run the youth centre for the next year. From of all us... Amesegenalhu


Launch of the Christmas Campaign

Today we launch our Christmas campaign! We have 60 children on our program who still need to be sponsored and we are calling out to you for help. €45 pays for a year of schooling for your sponsored child. This covers their uniform, books, tuition costs and hygiene supplies. In return you will receive a booklet telling you about your sponsored child and you will receive email updates during the year outlining their progress. This year, give a gift that changes everything. Give a gift that will be remembered long after Christmas day.

Get in touch with us here or check out our website for more information http://www.youthrelease.ie/donate.html


DCU Volunteer Expo 2015


Niamh and Clare more than ably represented Youth Release at the recent DCU Volunteer Expo. It was sort of a homecoming for the girls who have spent their Summer in Dire Dawa at the YR Youth Centre. The expo is a chance for potential volunteers to explore different opportunities and to get first hand accounts from former volunteers. They met many interesting people some of which we hope to see in Dire Dawa in 2016!


Sisay speaks about the YR Child Sponsor Program

Sisay was once on our child sponsorship program. He is now going into his 3rd year of architecture. Here he shares his experience about our youth centre and how the support from his mother had a huge influence on his life. We are very proud of Sisay and hes a huge inspiration and role model for us all. Enjoy this short clip


The Reach of the Youth Release Child Sponsorship Program


Youth Releases Child Sponsorship program is not just about providing books for school. Your € 45 provides not only the necessary books but also their uniform, health care, stationary and sanitary aids. We have 150 kids who WILL benefit from your support. To learn more click here


Youth Releases Micro Credit Scheme Begins


As we've continued to see the benefit of our child sponsorship program we identified an opportunity to supplement this by providing a credit scheme for the guardians, parents and older siblings of our kids. The aim of the scheme is to provide small loans as start up capital for business ventures. We'll provide a more detailed description of how it operates and the benefits it can bring to the local community in Genda Tesfa soon


Happy Christmas from Ethiopia and Youth Release


Did you know that Ethiopia celebrates Christmas Day in January? The kids have been busy preparing for the big day so why not check out the latest photos to see what they have been up to! To view the photos click here


Thank you to St. Marks School in Tallaght, Dublin


Huge thanks to the children and staff of St. Marks Community School in Tallaght, Dublin for raising 225 euro from a bake sale for the children in Ethiopia. Special thanks to Michelle Stowe, this is a great lift for us going into the new year!


A Special Thank you from the Youth Release Soccer Team to Azzurri Ireland


Our Youth Centre Soccer Team has received their new kit courtesy of the generous donation from Azzurri Ireland. The kids and coach are delighted and are looking foward to lining out with their new kit in the upcoming weeks. Here in Youth Release Ireland we would also like to extend our thanks to Azzurii Ireland. You can visit their website here

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Youth Release Shoe Box Appeal


Youth Release is running a Shoebox Appeal for the children in our community in Dira Dawa. The idea is simple, help us collect supplies for our Youth Centre. We are looking for sports equipment, arts supplies, stationary, teaching aids and books. Instead of having these items left used, donate them to the Youth Centre where they will get a new lease of life!


Youth Release in the Press


Youth Release has a full page spread in this weeks Munster Express. It covers the recent trip of our volunteers and gives a great insight into our work in Dira Dawa.(Click on the image to enlarge)


Today is International Literacy Day!


Literacy is a fundamental human right and we are doing our bit to provide opportunities for children to have access to books. If you have some second hand books that are lying idle please consider donating to our library in Ethiopia. It's by far the most invaluable resource we have established! If you would like to donate books please send a message. Thank you!


A word from our recent volunteers


"I really enjoyed my experience volunteering with YR in Dire Dawa this August. Even though it was tough at times with some eye opening experiences, and cultural differences that were hard to understand, I found it very rewarding. I especially enjoyed the time I spent with the kids and even though it was short, I feel we made an impact on their lives. It is an experience I will never forget. Personally I have learned a lot from this trip and since I've been home I have been seeing and experiencing things a lot differently; I am more appreciative and grateful for all I have. The opportunity that Youth Release gave me this year was amazing and I'm very thankful for all the help and support I have received from Niamh and Laura and of course all my family and friends. I hope to help Youth Release in any way I can in the future to help them continue the amazing work that is being done in Genda Tesfa" -Aisling Kennedy run


I spent three weeks volunteering and despite all the research and meeting with YR, I could not have been prepared for what was to greet me during my time in Dire Dawa. One of the main issues that left me reeling was the lack of basic necessities and everyday resources that we take for granted. I worked at the youth centre in ' Gende Tesfa ' which means hope, and this is exactly what the people here have. Despite the lack of basic resources and facilities there is huge sense of community and everyone is willing to get involved. The community are working together in a very positive way to promote education and the overall development of the area. During my stay I found the home visits most difficult and very emotional. Large families are living in poor conditions but despite this making the very best of life with the little they can afford.On return to my own workplace here in Ireland I hope to make my learning experience in Dire Dawa relevant and create awareness of the developing world with Irish children. I will continue to support the work of YR and Genda Tesfa. It was a very worthwhile and humbling experience for me knowing I was able to offer my knowledge and experience in early childhood education to the staff at the centre and to the children through art, music , dance, English language, sport and play.The children were very grateful for us just being there - working along side them and teaching them new skills and games. This was my reward from volunteering, the staff, children, community and myself have earned many memories from the experience.- Mairead O Donovan run


6km walk/run fundraiser in aid of Youth Release

We would like to say a huge huge thanks to everyone for their support and kindness in helping fundraise for youth release for my trip this Thursday. The charity walk/run has put me over my target as it brought in an amazing €500. Which has brought my overall fundraising to €2435. Thanks again to everyone for all the support well wishes and kindness'


6km walk/run fundraiser in aid of Youth Release


One of our volunteer elects, Aisling, is organisating a fun run/ walk this Saturday in Kilbarry Eco Park in Waterford. Guaranteed fun for all the family. You can sign up online Here


Youth Release is now on Instagram!


Youth Release is now on instagram. Follow us @youthrelease to keep up to date with all the latest photos Join here


How Safe is Ethiopia?


Ethiopia has ranked 15th in the world for safest countries and the safest in Africa! More


Volunteer With Youth Release

Volunteers are the heart of Youth Release and the running of our programs. They are an invaluable resource and a huge asset to the communities we work in. The volunteer program not only brings support to the people that we are working with but is also hugely important in raising awareness about the problems facing young people in the developing world. We still have two places left on our volunteer program this August 1st-17th.If you are interested in volunteering please email volunteer@youthrelease.com for an information packet. More


Thank you to our latest Volunteers


We would like to say a huge thank you to Clare and Niamh Walsh who have spent the last month volunteering at the youth centre. From teaching the kids about Ireland, to making Irish porter cake for the kids, (how they found the ingredients is beyond me) painting one of the rooms for the younger kids, home visits and meeting the kids on vocational training, these ladies worked hard and had a blast! More


Myth No. 7: The world is getting worse.


Fact: Yes, there are still plenty of problems that have to be addressed, but we have made an incredible amount of progress and have much more to look forward to. India is on track to be officially rid of polio this year, and the world could be polio-free by 2018. Since 1990, childhood death rates have been cut in half and maternal deaths have dropped by nearly the same share, according to the World Health Organization. Anti-female genital mutilation campaigns are making progress in a number of countries, and more women in the developing world are getting access to family planning resources.


What is Poverty?


What would you say if we told you that the biggest obstacle to eradicating poverty is the way we think about it? More


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