The Youth Release Child Sponsorship Program

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The goals of the program


How it works

The children receiving support have been assessed and have found to be the most in need and at risk children in the community where we work. Each child on the program will receive one school uniform annually, they will receive hygiene materials weekly and they will receive stationary material as needed throughout the year. In addition each child on the program must attend two tutorial classes per week. This sponsorship will include healthcare provisions. Not every child on the program will need medical care but should any child become unwell and need treatment the cost will be covered through this program. Each child will have a case manager that will provide support to the child and family on a weekly basis.

Breakdown of the costs

Uniform/Stationary material (Exercise books and pens) €18
Hygiene Materials (Weekly soap, monthly hair oil, sanitary pads for adolescent girls)€16
Tutorial Classes(Grade 1-12). Children can attend daily tutorial classes. €10
Health Education and health care provision. €6

To Sponsor a child for just 50 euro click on the button below

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