Our Story

Youth Release is a voluntary run Irish organisation that was established in 2007 by a small group of students from Dublin City University Ireland. The organisation was set up in response to the dire poverty that thousands of children live in, in Ethiopia. Millions of children make their way through life impoverished, abandoned, uneducated, and malnourished, discriminated against, and neglected and vulnerable. For them life is a daily struggle to survival. Whether they live in urban centers or rural out posts, they risk missing out on their childhood. They are excluded from essential services such as hospitals and schools, lack the protection of family and community, and are often at risk of exploitation and abuse. For these children, childhood as a time to grow, play, learn and play safe is in effect meaningless (UNICEF, 2006).The main aim of the organisation is to support local organisations in the developing world to provide services to marginalised and vulnerable youth through the provision of educational and psychosocial support programs.

Youth Release is currently working with a local partner in Ethiopia providing an outreach service to disadvantaged and vulnerable youths. Services providing educational support, youth outreach, and social support are few and far between in the region. Youth Release is working at addressing this gap in service provision through the establishment of a youth centre and outreach service working with orphaned and vulnerable children from all backgrounds. Essentially Youth Release, together with our local partners, aims to give these children the opportunity to develop their own talents and areas of interest which they can use to build and channel their own future.

In August 2011, Youth Release in partnership with local partners opened a youth centre in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. Since its establishment there are 275 children and adolescents enrolled in the programs being offered at the centre. For many of these children, it is the first time they have a place to go where they can play and just enjoy being children.

Where we Work

gende tesfa

We work in the second -largest city in Ethiopia; Dire Dawa. There are over 20,000 registered orphaned and vulnerable children in Dire Dawa.


Our Project


The youth centre provides social, educational and health support for 275 orphaned and vulnerable children.


Meet the Team


Youth Release has a small team of five volunteers who voluntary run Youth Release along with local staff who run the centre.